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Malpaga Castle

Corporate events

Corporate events

Prestigious spaces, once filled with famous Renaissance people, bring to life the magic atmosphere of the court’s splendor, welcoming guests with elegance and a unique ambiance, making your corporate events unforgettable.
You can choose among the following options:

Room name Room size: Capacity Capacity and layout
Colleoni 85sqm 100 seats 90 50 100 70
Main courtyard 127sqm 120 seats 80 45 200 120
Medea 30sqm 20 seats 17 20 15 20
Tisbe 28sqm 40 seats 40 25 15 30

Our event manager and the Castle staff will go through your checklist and will work with you to cover every detail, of your event, planning coffee breaks, buffet/dinner, audio/video services and helping with any additional requirements.
Your corporate event will be unique, tailored to your specific needs and set in a beautiful location.

Information: - 035.840003